Market Overview: Stamford, CT

Single Family Properties

April Headlines
  • Days on market is up 37.9% to 120.
  • New listings in April were 172. This is up 23.7% from 139 in April of 2017.
  • Unit sales are down by 14.5%.
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  • Unit sales in Wilton in April were 16. This is down 23.8% from 21 in April of 2017.
  • Days on market in Weston is down by 31.2%.
  • Price per square foot in Wilton is down 15.8% to $210.
Headlines are based on comparisons between this month and the same month last year unless otherwise stated.

Changes Favoring Buyers
3 Months Ending April, 2018% Chg From Apr, 2017
Unit Sales 145 -0.7%
Market Time (Days) 128 4.9%
Price per Sq Ft for Sold $198 -4.0%
New Listings 381 2.1%
Changes Favoring Sellers
3 Months Ending April, 2018% Chg From Apr, 2017
Median Sale Price $600,000 3.4%
Inventory 419 -1.2%
Months of Supply 6.9 -2.7%
Sales to List Price Ratio 96.5% 0.8%
Went To Contract 168 5.7%
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There were 47 unit sales in April. This is down 14.5% from 55 in April of 2017. Sales/list price ratio in April moved up to 96.8% from 96.1% in March.

Median price in April was $580,000. This is up 5.3% from $550,700 in April of 2017. 3-month median price of $600,000 in April was up just slightly from $598,638 in March and up marginally from $580,000 in April of 2017. Price per square foot in April was $191. This is down from $204 in March and down from $201 in April of 2017.

Inventory of 467 in April was up 16.8% from 400 in March and up 0.4% from 465 in April of 2017. New listings of 172 in April were up considerably from 108 in March and up moderately from 139 in April of 2017. Months of supply of 7.7 in April was up slightly from 6.5 in March but down a little from 7.8 in April of 2017. On a year-over-year basis, months of supply has been rising for 4 months. This is the highest months of supply has been since July, 2017.

Market Time
Days on market of 120 in April was down modestly from 144 in March but way up from 87 in April of 2017.

Change in Median Sale Price for Single Family Properties YTD From 2017 To 2018 for Towns in Fairfield County, CT Ranked by Best Performance
Towns% Change
Redding 22.06%
Norwalk 17.24%
Bridgeport 16.33%
Stratford 13.64%
New Fairfield 10.67%
Newtown 9.00%
New Canaan 6.16%
Stamford 4.88%
Danbury 4.44%
Greenwich 3.61%
Towns with an average of at least 5 sales per month (maximum of 10)

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